What is the best way to organize a class reunion on Facebook?

Follow these simple steps and you will not only be ready to manage your class reunion event but you will also setup a way for your class to stay in touch for years.  It will also setup you up to manage multiple events!

Step 1: Setup a Facebook Page for your Class

Facebook Page  is a page on Facebook that classmates can like to follow in their newsfeed.  When you, your co-organizers or classmates publish information to the page's wall your classmates who liked the page will see the status updates in their newsfeeds.  As a best practice we recommend naming your page with your school name followed by the graduation date.  For example:  Holt High School: Class of 1992.

After you have setup your page.  Add some classmates as administrators to help you organize and manage the page.  

Step 2: Setup a Facebook Event for your class reunion from your new Facebook Page

Creating an event is easy.  The spot to do it is at the top of your class Facebook page's timeline.

Now your class reunion event will show up within your Class Facebook Page.  People who have liked the page will get updates in their news feed that the class reunion has been scheduled. Everyone that manages the Facebook page will also be setup to manage the event on Facebook.

Step 3: Setup a Pay It Square page to collect money and information about attendees

Now it’s time to create your page on Pay it Square. Start by logging in, or signing up if you haven’t already. Then, click Get Started.  You’ll be shown a few options, so click to create an Event. On the next page, fill out as much information as you have, we like to see at least a title. If you don’t have all of the information, that’s okay, you can come back and change information later. Add a picture, pick a nice color scheme and continue to the Payment Options.

Here is where you’ll create what people will be paying for. Enter the amount, and for what they will be paying. Pay It Square recommends covering the costs for your payers, as it makes for a smoother checkout process, and organizers typically up the costs by $2-3 to cover the fees anyway. Here you can also add custom questions, where you can ask for T-shirt sizes, dinner menu choices and other information.

Be sure to click, save. Now, click “View Page”. And, there you have it, your Pay It Square Page.

Step 4: Add your Pay It Square page as a tab to your class' Facebook Page

Now that you have setup your Collect Page you will want to add it to your class' Facebook Page.  If you go to your page, then to Edit Settings, Apps, then to Pay it Square, you should see where the page number will go.

We have provided a very simple tutorial that walks you through the process here.

Step 5: Post a link to the Collect Page tab on your class reunion event timeline

Finally, if you created a Facebook Event you will want to let people know that they can pay for the event online.  Just post a status update to your event timeline with a link to your Class Facebook Page: Collect Page Tab (now that is a mouthful, but actually really simple).

That's it.  Have a great reunion!